About Lusso

Mixing an abiding love of food with a pioneering and dynamic attitude, we bring true passion and creativity to the world of contract catering.

With the freshest and finest of ingredients, following our Food Philosophy, our highly skilled chef teams provide truly unique dining experiences tailored to your needs, wishes and values. True foodies one and all, we stay on top of the latest culinary trends to ensure that you, your staff and your clients are always served only the very best and most exciting dishes.

About Lusso

One of the UK’s most dynamic and vibrant catering companies, Lusso puts the freshest and finest ingredients in the hands of a highly skilled team to provide a truly unique corporate dining experience. Experts in the delivery of exceptional catering that really responds to the pulse of the City, our chefs produce breath-taking results every time, while our service staff go the extra mile to ensure you always receive the perfect welcome.

While every Lusso restaurant is built on the same foundations of quality, underpinned by our overarching Food Philosophy, no two sites are the same. In our rigorous pursuit of excellence, we employ staff who can be trusted with the autonomy to make their restaurant, café, or hospitality suite their own, tailored seamlessly to their client’s needs and desires.

We believe in being avant-garde, edgy, and always innovative; we believe in taking risks which reward. Our clients don’t stand still, so we offer catering which is always fresh and exciting.

We believe in quality and provenance of ingredients, in promoting our customers’ health and wellbeing, and in doing our best to protect the world around us. If you are passionate about these things too, then we can’t wait to discuss them all with you, but if you just want the best service and food for your premises, then rest assured that that is exactly what you will receive.

Above all, we believe in putting you, the client, at the heart of all that we do. Understanding that every organisation is different, we work hard to establish and nurture your individual needs and preferences to deliver a seamless service that you can trust.

The Lusso Food Philosophy

To ensure all our food meets our ethos, we urge our chefs to ask themselves four questions for each dish they create: What is it, when was it made, where is it from, and why should our customers buy it? In so doing, we ensure that every item served, across every Lusso contract, meets our exacting standards and our philosophy on food.

Work with Lusso and be amazed by a vibrancy, passion and innovation that you just can’t find elsewhere. We want what you want; your Lusso restaurant can be whatever you want it to be.

If you would like to discover what Lusso could do for your organisation, please get in touch.